I fucking hate my stepmom!!!

I have  lived with just me and my dad and it was great but then that women came. when I turned 7 everything changed. That fucking bitch had walked into my family I could tell that this was not going well. I had got in fight with her every single day and i would get grounded of corse i would storm into my room and yell every bad fucking come back i could think of but i had managed to hold it in. I would get in trouble for everything for not responding to her if i didn’t here her and she would do it on purpose to you now because she would walk up to me and say I hate you to, to me. I told my dad about and he would just say i was lie’ing about here. my dad had change he had been a fun guy to be with but then that parasite had changed my father… i was starting to hate my dad also. one day there was a family reunion and i asked my uncle on what he had thought of her and he said he hated her guts also, i said why. He said that she was a selfish bitch ass snob who only thought about herself, which was true of corse. Then I came to figure out that every one on my dads side of the family hated her and we would talk about how bad she was to my dad, because she was she even forgot his birthday one year and didn’t  even do anything about it. And this is my story about horrible putrid step mother that i have to deal with when i am with my dad.

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The Horrible Witch

My stepmother began treating me and my sister very different, as well as her children. She got really mad and pissed if we talked to our dad. She would explode if our father would even buy us anything, even if it wa something we needed. She had stupid rule like when you buy something for one child buy something for all, but she never did that for us. She asts so immature as if she back in middle school or high school. All her kids bitch and moan about there problems like not having a dad, but with me and my sister we don’t have a mother, but we don’t moan about it. Her stupid, immature children act so stupid and disrespect our dad, but me and my sister would never dare to do that to her. My stepmom lives a pathetic life, she bitches and moan about how she hates her life, how she hates her pathetic job, and how her dreams are never coming true. Yet she’s the dumass cunt that had a child as a teenager but didn’t get an abortion, dropped out and never got a GED, and acts like a bitch to everyone. She deserves a sad, pathetic life. She act rude, and disrespectful to everyone she meets and expects them to help her and treat her nice. Thats not how life works you horrible women. Her children act the same way, me and my sister never comply because we don’t dare to stowp down to there level. Her children like to pretend that there mom runs the house and bought the house, but no without my dad they would’nt have shit yet they treat him like dirt. My dad is ready to leave her, he told me he wasn’t in love with her anymore, she’s a real bitch. She’s a pathetic excuse for a wife, she can’t cook or clean to safe her live. For dinner she goes out and always gets use fast food, or makes the simplest shit like pasta or chili from a can. I wish she would just go away, I hate her with all my might!
-A sad girl ready to scream

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She Should Work For A Rag Magazine…

My stepmom always twists the facts to  make her look good, but outright lying at times.  Like working at a rag mag and the reporter sees a celebrity twist her ankle because her heels are too high and the reporter says she spotted the celebrity all drunk and throwing up on the sidewalk, that kind of twisting.  For instance, after my divorce, I had to move back in with my dad and stepmom for a month, and during that time I was going to job interviews, and then at night I’d have A COCKTAIL.  I had a bottle of Malibu, not even hard liquor, and would mix it with pineapple juice.  My dad had wine coolers in the fridge, so yea, no big deal.  One evening, I offered my stepmom a cocktail-she has gin and tonic when she goes out to eat-and she happily accepted.  I made her the drink and we enjoyed our drinks and chatted.  So then, months later, after I moved out, she’s all telling the family and my friends and my ex that I had all this liquor and getting drunk and on and on and I’m like, Bitch, don’t be a hypocrite, you enjoyed them too!  Wow…whatever…hypocrite!

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Used Religion to Win An Argument

My stepmom used religion to her advantage, a way to manipulate people to seeing things her way, or making them feel guilty.  Like whenever she and I would get into an argument and I was right and she knew it, she would grab my hands and say “Let’s pray about this”.  Sounds innocuous, but it wasn’t.  She would then pray like this: “Dear Jesus, please help (my name) to give her anger over to you, and to see the error of her ways, help her to soften her heart and know that love is the answer (uh, we were arguing about my going out with friends here, now the subject is changed completely) and that hard hearts pave the way to hell.  Help her to grow close to You and walk in love.  In Jesus’ name, Amen”.  So after that, of course, who can argue NOW? Grrr….just manipulated and turned everything around and now I’m a heathen if I continue making my point about the original subject.  Wonder what Jesus thinks about THAT?

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Cinderella 2.0

Officially she became my stepmom last year and these days we get along pretty well sadly it wasnt always like that.

My dad met my stepmom 13 yrs ago. He has 3 kids and she has 4. When I was 15 I moved in with him and her and life was hell from then on out. She was always finding new things for me to do as punishment for getting in trouble. Her favorite would be to ban me from using the dishwasher and making me wash all the dishes by hand until she said otherwise. if she was particularly pissed at me she would take every single dish in the house and cabinet out and set them all over the kitchen before leaving for work and leave me a note saying “these all need to be washed by hand and dried then put away before I get home from work. Also you need to clean the house; sweep, mop(scrub floors was what it was I wasnt allowed a mop), vacuum, clean the bathroom (which meant cleaning the floors scrubbing the tub and walls of tub with a toothbrush).

When I was 16 2 of her 4 sons came to live with us and everything that ever applied to me no longer applied to them (but still applied to me) I could never have friends in the house, I had to do all the cleaning, the dishes everything. All while I was going to school and working a full time job. My dad assured me that the boys (as I’ve always called them) would have responsibilities around the house, never happened… They where horrible too. One of her biggest pet peeves was if you put dishes in the washer without rinsing them and I always rinsed them cause I didnt want to get yelled at. Well on more then 1 occasion my stepbros and even my own brother would put dishes in there without rinsing them and automatically I would be the one to get yelled at.. and if something went in without being rinsed there went my privileges of using the dishwasher and I was indefinitely made to wash dishes by hand until further notice.

I moved out of there when I was 19 and since then things between us have gotten better but still in her eyes I feel that I will always be making the wrong step and never good enough and a screw up cause shes made me feel that way from day fucking one. Although we can get along now I still hate her. She’s always been a bitch towards me and took away the one thing that was always mine and that was being a daddys girl she changed him in ways that I am no longer looked at as daddys girl and was never stood up for.. all those years of being made to do all the work and he went along with whatever she said. and for that I resent her and have animosity towards him for it.

Of course I’ve never said any of this to either of them and never will.. It will forever just be something that is just there and only I know about.

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Stepmother Changes Drawing

my sister who was living in a different state at the time had sent me a drawing she made for me. i showed it to my stepmom and then put it on my bookcase. i left the house to hang out at the park. when i came back, i found my drawing glued onto a green construction paper and taped to the wall. i asked about it and she said quote: “i thought it would look better with a border so i did that.” i about screamed at her asking why she hadnt asked me for permission or anything. she starts to fucking cry saying she was just doing a nice thing as soon as my dad walks into the room. i tell her that the drawing was special from my sister and now she ruined it. she runs upstairs and rips it off the wall all fucking dramatic and cries like a baby to get attention from my dad and tells him “your daughter is ungrateful. i was just doing a nice thing.” no, bitch it aint a nice thing if you touch and change my property without my permission.

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Golddigging Bitch Bilks Only Child and 4 Grandchildren Out of Entire Estate

When my dad decided to remarry when I was 6, I was all about sharing, but SHE wasn’t!  If she could send his only daughter to boarding school, she would have.  It’s hard to sum up 36 years of marriage and all that with me just trying to have any kind of decent relationship with my dad, but it all sums up to the end.  She admitted to him that she turned him on me purposely, lying about me, because, as she said, “As long as he was mad at her, he wouldn’t be mad at me”.  She also made sure that ANYTIME he was with me and the kids, she HAD to be there also, where she would manipulate conversations and over-analyze how people said “hi”.  Once, before he died, I told him I wanted to just have lunch with him, a father and daughter having lunch and catching up with news and such.  I told him that she would give him hell and he denied it and accused me of getting on her case.  Anyways, he and I finally had one on one time, first time in 34 years.  When he got back, she gave him hell.  He wrote me a letter apologizing, realizing that I wasn’t “out to get her”; that she really was evil, manipulative, making everything all about her, turning him against me for no reason, etc.  Unfortunately, he went into surgery and never came out just a couple years later, and he didn’t change his will to reflect his newfound realization.  She had duped him into making the will all in her power; that if he died, she has the right to revoke the entire will and leave everything to her dog if she wanted to.  I am an only child with 4 wonderful kids.  My dad and I never stopped loving each other; it was just difficult to get past “the wall” of her to express it, but he knew.  He’s been gone a year and a half and I’ve seen nothing of his and I know he’d want me and the kids to have SOMETHING, trinkets, memorabilia, not just money.  It’s not like he was wealthy, but she’s planning to sell the house and spend every last dime.  She recently wrote a letter to my uncle (my grandma just had my dad and uncle as children, and she recently died as well) telling him that she wants me to get nothing from grandma’s stocks; for it all to go to her as well.  Let me tell you, anyone who knew my grandma knows how much she hated this woman and loved her great grandkids and I’m sure Gram is spinning in her grave right now.  I’m just furious that this evil person was left all this power-she refused to give me the rights to my own dad’s medical records-I’d like to know his medical issues, I knew a few, but I was like geez, maybe there’s something genetic I should know about!  Like I said, she made sure I couldn’t really have any alone time to talk and be with my dad without her hovering around.  In high school, whenever she and I would argue, she’d go pout and have a pity party till my dad talked to her.  Then he’d come out and tell me to go apologize and “make her happy”, even though I was right.  I was always right, sorry, but it’s true.  She’d get mad if you so much as breathed wrong. She always found something to “poke the bear” about and make it all about her.  I could go on and on, but the crazy thing is now my ex husband remarried and does the same damn thing.  All about the stepmom and her feelings and the kids are just an inconvenience.  Grrr!  But hey, I have the last laugh, because the bitch is gonna die old and alone, I’m done with kissing her ass.  Fuck her!  I never imagined that as an only child, I get absolutely nothing of both my parents-my mom died when I was 12 and changed her name on her properties so stepdad of one year got it all, bank account was never found, etc.  That whole thing was suspicious too, house fire, arson, who knows.  All I know is he got it all.  Again, it’s not about money, but still, if I remarried, I would NEVER let my new spouse have the power in my will over whether MY KIDS get my estate or not.  Never an option, geez!  My dad was just hypnotized by her golddigging skills and that’s that.

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